Why Us?

Our goal is to be your choice for social media content creation & management, customer
communications as well as your overall digital marketer, generating profits for your business.

You may be wondering why a "Video" Design business would be a good choice for handling social media management efforts. Well, the fact is "video", is leading and changing the way people access important information. Today's consumer's attention spans are down to around 8 secs, so you better prepare your marketing strategies around short and sweet information bursts and btw, that's what video excels at doing.

We are a small yet motivated team of video and graphic designers that have all worked for the large agencies, so we know what it takes to produce and deliver quality content.  Being small is a great thing, as we can provide more personal attention to our clients. Unlike those larger agencies, we keep every aspect of a client's project (video, photography, graphic design) in-house, in turn, passing
along cost savings to our customers.

 Our award winning content creation team is comprised of 
animation artists, graphic designers, and video production experts. This unique combination of skill sets makes us hard to compete with.